Realme World’s First SLED Smart TV Hit the Market

Realme began its operations as a minor sub-brand under Oppo’s item Two years ago. The brand introduced competitive smartphones and soon became one of the most notable smartphone brands in the market. Currently, Realme is not only selling smartphones. Realme offers portable items, TWS, and newly joined the smart TV market as a lifestyle brand. A SLED smart TV collection with affordable rates has been introduced.

The world’s first SLED 4 K smart tv was revealed by Realme on 25 September. Well, some people won’t treat it as a true start, but rather as a look through the latest technology. After all, the tv isn’t yet available for sale. However, Realme has opted to announce it, as a viable solution to premium QLED (quantum dots) technology, because of the request brought on from SLED TVs.

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Realme World’s First SLED Smart TV Hit the Market

SLED technology from Realme will become available as a 55-inch TV. The new panel will provide only more than 100% of the NTSC color spectrum with 108% accurate results. The device can however retain control over the excessive blue light. TUV Rheinland certified this latter detail.

The new technologies from SLED improve the old LCD formula. A more way to illuminate the panel is the best innovation. There is a white rear light passing through RGB filtering on typical LCD displays. With SLED, the backlight will make use of the Red, Green, and Blue LEDs to create the usual triplet.

This panel is still categorized as LCD in all cases. As it also uses the technology of Liquid Crystal. The technology also provides an alternative to the normal market-driven QLED technology. The blue backlight is used in Quantum Dot technologies and quantum dots are used to absorb the light and to generate red or green colors. The LCD layers allow the processor to control the light through the pixels.

Naturally, the objective of SLED is not only the simple reproduction of color but also to ensure that each one is accurate. The technology provides a broader variety of colors and increases the clarity of the image. Realme says that SLED technology has better technology, which is why they don’t want to take the QLED path. Other companies such as Samsung and OnePlus also sell QLED screens In some markets. No word is yet about availability or prices in Pakistan, waiting for more details.

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