Shape Shifting Drone will Revolutionize the Rescue Mission

Recently, scientists have created a shape-shifting drone that will revolutionize the search and rescue mission. This unique drone folds itself up to fit through small gaps. It comes with onboard cameras, which scans for holes and calculate their size.

Each of the drone’s arms can change its relative position to the main body of the drone. A scissor-like joint lets each arm fold up independently of the others. The drone was developed by researchers from the University of Zurich and team from Ecole Polytechnique federale de Lausanne. They used off the shelf drone parts to create it. And 3D printed the rest.

Shape Shifting Drone will Revolutionize the Rescue Mission

Drones have already proved enormously useful to humanitarian aid. Previously, the vaccines to the remote areas of islands have been delivered via drones such as Vanuatu. Drones proved also helpful in transporting blood and other medical supplies across Rwanda.

As in our previous post, we have already discussed that drones are so useful and are helping in the recovery after any disaster, but most require individual pilots, who fly them by remote control. However, that limits how quickly rescuers can view an entire affected area, and can delay actual aid from reaching victims. The autonomous drones can be more helpful in these type of situations.

It seems that in the near future, we will get to see drones playing a major role in different activities.

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