Snapchat New Update Lets You Add Links, Voice Filters and Backdrops to Snaps

Snapchat New Update brings some innovative features for its users. Now users can add Links, Voice Filters and Backdrops to their Snaps. You can now tap the speaker icon to access voice-only filters. Moreover, users can add different background to their photos to make them more attractive.

Snapchat New Update Lets You Add Links, Voice Filters and Backdrops to Snaps

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Paperclip: This feature will let you attach a website to a Snap that friends can swipe up to open in Snapchat’s internal browser. Previously only ad campaigns and Discover content could include links. But now all users can send links to memes, events, news, shopping items.

Backdrops: It is the most interesting feature of Snapchat. As this feature will allow you to put a colorful or artsy pattern behind any snap to make it stick out. To use this feature, first tap the Scissors in the Vertical Toolkit and then the Backdrop icon. Trace around the object, select one of the Backdrop designs that rotate daily, and you’ll be able give a certain part of your snap the spotlight. The ability to insert a layer of imagery between objects and the real background gives people a creative way to augment the world behind them, not just their faces.

Voice Filters: This feature will allow you to remix the sound of voices in your Snaps. Previously, voice filters were only part of visual augmented reality lenses, like one that made you look and sound like a bumble bee. Now you can tap the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and select from a range of character voices to give your Snaps some extra humor or style.

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