Snapchat to Launch Internal App Store for Games

The famous Filter App, Snapchat keep on introducing new features to remain in limelight. Snapchat is planning to build its own internal app store for games. Snapchat Internal App store for Games was announced via a new report by “The Information.

Snapchat Internal App Store for Games will result in Spending more time on App

This gaming platform is going to launch this fall and will build a new opportunity for developers to build games. These games will be later on distributed by Snapchat for users to play while staying on the Snapchat app.

Some tech savvys have revealed that Snapchat has already collaborated with one gaming publisher in order to make new games for Snapchat App store.

Maybe these games would be totally free as how the company plans to be successful when Apple has strict App store guidelines that prevent companies from selling Apps and games.

It is evident from this move of Snapchat that it knows that its target market is youngsters who will love the idea of playing games on its app, hence spending more time on it.

This attempt to jump into gaming will also help Snapchat to further maintain some distance from its competitor Instagram which has copied many of its feature in past.

Snapchat keep on introducing new filters or lenses for its users to make their photos more attractive and funny. This time Snapchat comes with a new concept. Snapchat IntroduceSnappables that are actually games.

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