Soon You Might Enjoy Instagram School Stories

Instagram is working on a school-based version of Stories. Instagram School Stories will only contain content from a particular school’s student body.

TechCrunch’s tipster Jane Manchun Wong is the first one who spotted the code for School Stories. Only people within the school’s community can contribute and view their School Story. Instagram’s code gives a warning that “School stories are manually reviewed to make sure the community is safe.”

Jane Manchun Wong First spotted Instagram School Stories

School Stories will be able to create a fun space for kids to share with their friends beyond the prying eyes of their parents or strangers. They will also be able to exacerbate teen culture issues.
However, there is no guarantee that Instagram will roll out the feature. Well, we can expect that might be the company to launch it soon as last month, Instagram allowed some US university students to add school affiliations. Moreover, they were able to include school, class year and activities to their profiles.
The parent company Facebook has also launched the social network which was limited to students, and now the company appears to be testing a new Instagram feature.
Instagram also allows users to contribute to public collaborative Stories around locations and hashtags.

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