Tempo, A Smart Home Gym to Track Your Fitness

Your Personal Trainer is now at your home

Your personal smart home workout trainer is here, this one named Tempo, launched in February. Tempo smart gym will offer buyers a large home weightlifting system which includes a 42-inch display and machine learning, with a schedule to start shipping later this summer. Users can expect a range of workouts, along with mobility and strength training. All this is combined with sensors for 3D motion, and more. 

Tempo is working on something else. Sure, another wired workout system has classes which you can stream live or on demand. A sleek new training machine uses software to monitor the body in 3D and inform you when you are performing incorrect motions in squats, lunges or any exercise. For new fashionable brands including the likes of Peloton and Tonal, smart home gyms are the latest thing in home exercise. 

tempo smart gym

Design and Look  

Similar to Mirror, the sleek design of Tempo is meant to blend in with your home — it looks like an industrial bookcase and a television had a baby, in a good way. What distinguishes it is that it uses motion sensors and infrared light to map your body. If your form goes wrong during your workout, you will see an alert on the screen with feedback on how to correct it. 

A cabinet built into the system houses weight plates; the framework often includes a fitness mat, barbells and other devices for exercise. Throughout addition to playing workout videos, the app often shows the different health measures used by the user, including how many calories they have consumed and their heart rate. 

smart gym

How does it examine your body and form? 

Throughout the entire workout, Tempo shows you a robust dashboard of information that updates in real time, telling you how many reps you have   completed, your pace compared to the trainer and so your heart rate. It captures all of that during each session and makes use of it to map your overtime progress. You can sign up for different fitness programs and Tempo will plan all the workouts you’ll need to do to achieve your goal. 

When you set it up first, tempo takes you through an evaluation so it can learn about your fitness level. It then uses that data to customize any workout for you, telling you how much weight you should personally lift and scale up as you get stronger. 


The Tempo Studio starter kit often features a pair of dumbbells and weight plates varying from 1.25 to 10 pounds, a 25 pound barbell, a wrist-worn heart rate monitor for a gym partner and a rehabilitation foam roller for your $2,000 (plus $39 a month for taking limitless classes). 

The elegant package, available in black or white, consumes just three square feet of floor space, and measures 6 ‘ tall, 2’2 “long, and 1’4” thick. 

Online Class of Tempo with monthly subscription  

Tempo smart gym Studio courses include fitness, HIIT, strength training, and meditation, and while there is an embedded camera and microphone, they are not required for Kinect machine workout study. The Studio analyzes your mood and stance, and only corrects you if anything is incorrect. The focus is more on correctly performing each rep of an exercise, rather than doing as many as possible in a given amount of time. 

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