Top 5 Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Are you looking for the best subject to start your own Youtube channel? It is difficult to find the unique and trending topic which can meet the requirements of the users due to wide factor of competition in the market. For a beginner like me, I have researched thoroughly and went through the traditional top 10, top 5 Youtube channel ideas around the web.  

I ended up with the same ideas to be honest! Duh ! And felt like that I can do anything; I can talk about any niche and yes can make videos professionally. However, when I started doing so, things were not as expected as I thought and didn’t meet the criteria of a perfectly crafted video for Youtube 

Basically, things I realized after failing once were that I wasn’t doing ‘MY THING’ which means I’m not posing for things I love to do and share with people. I wasn’t showing up my best skills I’m mastering in. Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has evolved to the most popular video streaming site on the planet from a relatively unknown site for aspiring filmmakers. YouTube is now the host of video channels covering every conceivable topic. Given the huge number of videos posted on YouTube every day, you would have thought it would be remote to launch new popular channels.  

Here are top 5 YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

Technology Savvy, Comes First 


As the sun of technology has risen, tech savvy person will never starve. You can place some information on a YouTube video channel that you need to make good use of. Note, things you find easy to do are not going to know how to do other people at all. Technology and devices are a very good example of this. For example, if you’re a little expert in photoshops, you can share your expertise with “how to” videos. Whether you know how to uninstall and set up a computer, other users will be there. The internet is the first place most people go to figure out how to do it. A video can be learned so much easier than a manual. If you can make entertaining and informative tutorial videos, you’ll soon start to see your views stacking up on YouTube. 

The ideas you can choose from this vast category are mainly, mobile phones, laptop, cloud, website development and app development. 

I would consider Product Review in technology category as this topic covers most part of this subject. Some of YouTube’s most popular channels are those offering advice and useful information. Reviewing products and services is one way you can capitalize on that trend. There are several formats that videos can take from the product review. There are unboxing videos to unpack a new product, straight out of the box, and check it out. You can also place products in product testing videos through their paces. Also very common are instructional videos on how to use items. 

Health and Fitness, Gym Goer, Celebrity Fitness Secrets 


fitness youtube channel

YouTube is the first place many people go to find tips on health and fitness. Health and fitness is a very prominent niche that accounts for a fairly large number of famous viral videos. Workout videos are particularly popular, as following a video workout is much easier than following a workout from a book. If your workouts can be linked to a personal story. You might have a viral video on your side. Video marketing tools are often given to prominent health and fitness networks as well. Once the YouTube metrics of your channel hits a decent level, you may be offered incentives for sponsorship. 

Sticking to a regular workout routine is hard, even for celebrities. The trainer of Jennifer Lawrence, Dalton Wong, once told us that it’s all about making minor adjustments to your daily routine. We were curious to learn how these changes look in the lives of the world’s best celebrities, so you can talk about  the secrets of fitness of celebrities and keep your viewers stay motivated to work out.  

Be a Master Chef, Cook and Share  


best youtube channel

Videos from YouTube are the perfect way to explain how to cook recipes. Recipe books are all right, but people love to see just how ingredients are prepared and mixed. Within the subject of cooking, there are many potential subniches that you could concentrate on. For example, you can teach people how to make your own region’s dishes, or you can concentrate on one form of cooking, such as baking. 

It may be a medium-sized meal to etch just anyone to show you how to cook. With YouTube cooking channels becoming increasingly popular, you can choose this subject if you master in it. This kind of YouTube channel can also attract opportunities for video marketing. If your channel is popular, businesses may approach you to promote their ingredients or utensils for cooking. 

Gamers are on Top Trending 


If you’re a gamer, then your YouTube channel has a possible goldmine of a niche. YouTubers ‘ most famous gaming enjoy some of everyone’s highest YouTube analytics. For starters, PewDiePie has 74 million subscribers. You can view gaming videos in several ways. You can include the latest games news or you can do popular games walk-throughs.  

Another popular video gaming style is speedrun, where you run through a game as quickly as you can. Gamers want to see how other people are playing the games, as well as keeping up with the latest gaming news. It will help to increase your audience by offering a game commentary with helpful tips. 

Vlogging, Share Your Lifestyle 


Personal Vlogging may be the easiest way to get your own YouTube channel started. It may seem boring to you the things that happen in your personal life, but they may be fascinating to watch other people. You don’t need to be a vlogger with any special equipment. All you need to do is document your daily life, thoughts and opinions. Just like you would with a diary. 

Of course, if you have a bubbly personality, or a somewhat unusual way of presenting your videos, this will increase your chances of finding yourself on your channel with a viral video. 

Final Words

If you have a good idea, understand content marketing and YouTube analytics, and you have some production flair, a viral video channel on YouTube can still be launched. Vlogging, though, is just like blogging. These top 5 youtube channel ideas would be extremely helpful if you are a beginner and who wants to channels his/her skills to the world.

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