Twitter for Android Bug matches 17 million phone numbers with users

The year 2019 was the year of hacking and bugs. All the apps have witnessed such circumstances, and it is Twitter’s turn. A security researcher named Ibrahim Balic told that he was able to match 17 million phone number with a Twitter account. This flaw is found in Twitter’s Android App, thanks to Twitter for Android Bug.

He further revealed that he was able to upload the list of mobile phone numbers by using Contacts upload feature on Twitter’s Android App. When any user uploads the phone number, the twitter automatically fetches the whole data of that particular user.

Twitter for Android Bug Puts Security of 17 million People at Stake

The mobile phone numbers were matched with the users living in different countries including Iran, Israel, Greece, Armenia, France, Germany, and others. These attempts of Balic were recognized and blocked by Twitter on December 20. The reason for blocking Balic’s attempt was that he was ablet o match the mobile number to the influential personalities globally. He warned them about this security lapse. Now finally, Twitter is working to fix this issue to ensure that bug cannot be exploited by others.

Just a week back, Twitter had asked its users to update the android app due to some vulnerability. It was due to this reason actually. These bugs are not only impacting company name but also their advertising revenue. Lets see how people will react to this.

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