Twitter for Mac App to Come Back

Twitter has confirmed that it is going to bring back “Twitter for Mac app” with the corporation of Apple’s Project Catalyst, Pro. Last week, Twitter made the announcement at Apple’s WWDC conference.

The social platform has also confirmed that the app would launch with Catalina. Moreover, this new version will come with a variety of features such as dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, multiple windows, and notifications.

Twitter for Mac App to Come Back

Apple said that its new Project Catalyst technology will make it easier for developers to bring iPad applications to the Mac. It has also announced that Twitter would be using Project Catalyst to bring Twitter back to the Mac as it was an early partner.

The social platform said in a post about the return of Twitter for Mac users:

“We are excited that Project Catalyst will enable us to bring Twitter back to the Mac by leveraging our existing iOS codebase. We’ll also be able to add native Mac features on top of our existing iPad experience while keeping our maintenance efficient as we continue to improve this shared codebase in the years to come.”

Previously, the company discontinued “Twitter for Mac app” in February 2018 because at that time it was not possible to maintain two separate codebases.

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