Uber Launches New Safety Feature For Users

In order to ensure user's safety Uber recently launched its new 'Check Your Ride' safety feature.

Uber recently launched its new ‘Check Your Ride’ feature in Pakistan to promote the safety of users. If you use Uber than you too have at some point accidentally gotten into the wrong ride. Not only can the honest mistake serve to be embarrassing but in some cases even dangerous.

Uber launches new safety feature


In order to secure their customer’s safety and avoid any alarming situations the company has begun focusing their attention on a number of different updates.Just recently they also introduced a feature which allowed users to share their live location with trusted family and friends. Furthermore, they now conduct background checks on all their drivers and have started GPS tracking the trips.

This new ‘Check Your Ride’ feature will operate in the same way it does across the world. It will push notifications to remind each user to check the license plate, driver photo, and car model before getting into the car. They can also ask the driver to confirm his identity.

The feature also caters to the drivers as well. The driver can ask riders to confirm their credentials as well.Other than just the push notifications there will also be a constant Check Your Ride banner in-app. It will remain visible from the instant the ride is booked till the trip is officially started.

This update seems to be in the right direction and can help to eliminate any confusions and prevent misunderstandings.

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