Waymo and Intel Partnered to Launch Self Driving Cars

Waymo and Intel Partnered to Launch Self Driving Cars. Both companies announced this blockbuster partnership few days back. This collaboration will go for years. Waymo and Intel Partnered to Launch Self Driving Cars.

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Both companies are non the less than other and are leading the driver less car technology. This partnership was officially announced by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a blog post.

Waymo and Intel Partnered to Launch Self Driving Cars

They have not revealed any financial terms yet. Waymo was using Intel’s tech even before the partnership. A post from Waymo disclosed that it has used Intel technology in its self-driving cars since 2009.

Krzanich wrote in a statement:

This collaboration ensures Intel will continue its leading role in helping realize the promise of autonomous driving and a safer, collision-free future”

Waymo CEO John Krafcik said:

“Intel’s technology supports the advanced processing inside our vehicles, with the ability to manufacture to meet Waymo’s needs at scale

For the launch of self driving cars Intel bought Mobileye and partnered with BMW and Flat Chrysler. On the other hand Waymo has teamed up with Lyft, Chrysler and Avis.

Both companies will be benefited by this collaboration. The best thing is that both companies can add another big name with their lists of partners. People are anxiously waiting for Self driving cars. However they are still far off to launch in future. It is expected that with this collaboration more rapid development will be seen in self driving sector.

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