Beware-WhatsApp Account can be Hacked After Clicking this Fake SMS

The drawback of using internet is that your data is always on risk. So, keeping your data secure is the most concerned thing that everyone should have. You can only do some precautionary measures to keep your data and information secure. Hackers usually use famous apps to spread viruses. Recently, a message has been spread on WhatsApp in UAE. That can steal your WhatsApp account if you click on that message. WhatsApp Account can be Hacked After Clicking that Fake SMS.


Beware of this suspicious SMS who can Hack your WhatsApp Account

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Hackers now send an SMS to residents. They received a message about verifying their account number with the six-digit code. They also send 6-digit code to your number. After sending the codes to the hackers, the victims would then lose access to their WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp account

This message is currently spread in UAE. The regulatory has asked the WhatsApp users not to reply that message. If residents receive such types of messages, make a quick call to the toll free number of the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

We have not seen any message scam like this in Pakistan. But precaution is better than cure. We highly recommend you not to click on any of the suspicious links you received on your any of accounts. Be Safe.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is taking some good decision to make its app more secure. Now WhatsApp has put age restriction on using this App. Now the users under 16 can not use WhatsApp.

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