WhatsApp Beta Adds Picture-in-Picture Feature For Video Calls on Android O

One of the most popular app, WhatsApp, is working on an exciting feature that is picture-in-picture mode. WhatsApp Beta Adds Picture-in-Picture Feature For Video Calls. This feature will not be available for all devices and operating system. The reason is that this new feature will work only on Android O.

WhatsApp Beta Adds Picture-in-Picture Feature For Video Calls on Android O

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When we start a video call on Android Nougat and below and tap back, the call goes into the background. Moreover, the video gets paused and it becomes audio call and we go back to our text conversation and can do other stuff on our phone. In case of Android O, when we tap back, the video shrinks down to a floating window and we can continue your call with video. Meanwhile, we can also do other stuff like texting and using the app normally.

We can place the video window anywhere on screen. It enlarges momentarily when we tap on it then shrinks back to its normal size. And if we swipe it down, it gets dismissed. Then the call goes in the background and pauses video like on Nougat and below.

The only limitation with this app is that, it will only run on Android O. When Android O will be available for all, this new feature will be rolled out. Moreover, If you have got the Android O Dev Preview, you should be able to use this feature now.

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