WhatsApp for iOS Update adds Message Forwarding Limitations

WhatsApp has launched a new update for iOS devices. The latest update has come with the message forwarding limitations on iPhones.

Message Forwarding Limitations Arrives on iOS for Stopping Spread of Fake News

Facebook-owned company WhatsApp is making new changes in order to curb the spread of fake new via its social messaging service. Last month, WhatsApp shared it’s plans to limit message forwarding, making it harder for people to forward messages to larger groups. This decision had come after the Indian authorities sought curbs on the spread of rumours that have led to violent incidents in the country.

WhatsApp Message Forwarding is a tool with which people forward each other messages without any authentication. WhatsApp has now limited message forwarding to five chats at once and will remove the quick forward button next to media messages.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that the company would be updating its stance on fake news that perpetuates violence. Instead of simply trying to hide those posts on the service, as it does with other posts promoting false news, he said Facebook plans to take that kind of content down entirely.

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