WhatsApp Hack for iPhone: Now you can read texts without blue ticking the sender

WhatsApp brought a reason for us to communicate with each other easily, no matter how much far away you are. However, with this blessing, it also brought WhatsApp Feature, which takes away your privacy from you in one way or another. Blue Ticks on WhatsApp is an unwanted feature, that lets other knows that you have read the message even when you don’t want them to know. We can disable WhatsApp blue tick feature, however, when you will Disable Blue Ticks on WhatsApp, you will not be able to see the blue ticks of others as well, even if they have not turned this feature off. This is the worst disadvantage of this feature. So now if you get a message on WhatsApp that you have read but you don’t want to respond quickly but the sender has got your blue tick and now you have to reply at any cost. Now, this WhatsApp hack for iPhone is the most exciting thing that we have seen so far. WhatsApp for iPhone users will not be able to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing that they have read it.

WhatsApp Hack for iPhone will save you from replying many Messages


There’s a newly discovered hack that will only work on iPhones. As you all know that all the new models of the iPhone are coming with 3D Touch feature. So upon clicking on WhatsApp Chat, you will go straight into the messages. But on holding the chat for long, you will get a full-screen preview of everything inside and the blue tick will also not appear.

With this hack, users are able to read the top 12 latest messages sent to them without enabling blue ticks. While doing so, take care of one thing! Don’t press too hard as upon doing so you will go straight to full chat window and sender will be able to see a blue tick.

Make your life easier with this WhatsApp for iPhone Hack.

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