WhatsApp New Beta Version Starts Labelling Forward Messages

Recently WhatsApp for Android has received a new beta version (2.18.179). This new beta version has started labelling to forward messages.

You will see a ‘Forwarded’ label added to all your forwarded WhatsApp messages. It creates a distinction between the forwarded messages and original messages. The label will be added to the forwarded message on both the recipient’s and sender’s.

WhatsApp Starts Labelling Forward Messages

The latest change came just after few days when Media visibility feature launched in beta to let Android users hide or show the messaging app’s media content from their gallery.

you just need to select and forward one of the messages available within another WhatsApp chat to see the newly added ‘Forwarded’ label. The label will be shown right on top of the forwarded message. It is important to note that there is not any option to disable the label. This means that you will not be able to remove the label from the messages you forward to your contacts. If you want to resend a message without placing the “Forwarded” prompt, you can simply manually copy, paste, and send it to the desired recipient.

The Forwarded label is initially available for beta version so you can experience the new feature by downloading the WhatsApp beta version on any Android device.

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