Xiaomi’s Latest 100W Mi Wireless Charging Stand- Is It Worth Buying?

Earlier this year, Xiaomi has introduced an 80W Mi Wireless charging stand. The stand was capable of charging the Mi 11 Pro and Ultra in no time. Now, the company has unveiled another wireless charging stand to make the charging faster. Xiaomi has revealed a 100W Mi Wireless charging stand.

Overall, it looks much the same as its predecessor. However, the OEM has switched its main colour to black rather than white and with gold rather than silver for its phone-bearing ledge.

Xiaomi’s Latest 100W Mi Wireless Charging Stand- Is It Worth Buying?

The new model is still based on standard Qi charging tech and still has a dual-coil design, a dynamic fan that only kicks in when needed and even comes with the same Xiaomi 120W charger and 6A USB cable in the box. In terms of features, the newer model adds an additional current calibration protection layer, while retaining the over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, electrostatic protection and foreign object detection of the previous model.

You can charge the phone in any position. Your phone can rest in either landscape or portrait orientations to power up on both charger variants. On that note, only the Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra or new Mi Mix 4 can use the new 100W stand at their top rates.

Then again, they can only achieve 50 to 67W rates at best while charging wirelessly, even with this new accessory. Accordingly, even the Mi Mix 4 would still take 28 minutes to get from 0 to 100% using the new Mi Charging Stand.

In my opinion, the charging stand is not worth buying at the moment. First of all, it does support all the Xiaomi smartphones. Only a few devices are compatible with this charging stand. In addition, the compatible devices are not able to charge their batteries at 100W. So, there is no need to spend US$92 to get this charging stand.

But still, if this attracts you and you want to try out this stand, it is available on Xiaomi’s official website.

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