Xiaomi Ultrafilter Water Purifier Will Available in Just $75

Xiaomi has already launched a few water purification devices in the market. Today, the Chinese company has announced another such product in its home country — Xioami UltraFilter Water Purifier.

Xiaomi UltraFilter Water Purifier will be an effective and affordable product. Previously, the company introduced the domestic use Mi Water Purifier H1000 G. However; this was more of a high-end product that couldn’t be afforded by all due to the high price tag. The latest Ultra Filter Water purifier would cost about $75.

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How Xiaomi Ultrafilter Water Purifier will work?

The new UltraFilter Water Purifier, as mentioned, has components similar to the Mi Water Purifier. A composite filter with an activated carbon rod and ultrafiltration membrane technology is used in this new Xiaomi UltraFilter Water Purifier. This means that rust, sediment, columns, and other particulates will efficiently be drained out of water.

Besides this, the company claims that with four heavy filters, residual chlorine, bacteria, and other pollutants can also be eliminated with this new water purifier to ensure good and healthy water quality. The company says the accuracy of filtration is 0.1um.

It doesn’t come with a water tank, so it takes 4 seconds to fill a glass, ensuring the filtered water comes straight from the tap. After 1 year, a single filter must be removed, and a glass of water can be filled in seconds.

The company also adds that compared to the traditional RO water purifiers, this new Xioami UltraFilter Water Purifier doesn’t need to reserve power and further adds that the water filtration process does not wastewater.

The water purifier is currently being crowdfunded by Xiaomi UltraFilter. Soon this new product will be available for sale at $75.

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