Zuckerberg Opposes Facebook News Feed Bubble Impacted the US Election

As we all know that after U.S. Presidential election many speculations are being rumored. One such rumor was that Facebook News Feed bubble impacted the election.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder revealed at Techonomy16 that the company didn’t do enough to halt the propagation of false news on News Feed.

Zuckerberg vowed that more can always be done to increase the quality of the News Feed experience. But that Facebook could not have swayed the result of the election.

“Personally, I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, of which it’s a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea.”

Zuckerberg revealed.

He further added that people are considering for a description to elucidate the election. Though he considers that a narrative that indirectly undertakes Trump followers are dumb enough to be influenced by Facebook is offensive to those voters. In his view, it was just as possible for News Feed to highlight fake news about Clinton. But the media remains firm in overlooking that Trump supporters eventually assumed their candidate can bring them a better life.

“People are smart and they understand what’s important to them.”

Noted Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg Opposes Facebook News Feed Bubble Impacted the US Election

Instead of putting responsibility on the convenience of facts, he pointed to content commitment as the problem. Zuckerberg noted that Trump’s posts got more engagement than Clinton’s on Facebook.

Facebook research indicates that almost everyone on the platform is connected with at-least someone that has contrasting conceptual beliefs. The actual question for Zuckerberg is how to effect the way people react when they see a post they differ. The key is to stop them from concealing it from public knowledge.

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To get near, Facebook is creating efforts to include humans more profoundly in the creation of the ranking algorithms the corporation uses for content. News Feed now has a human eminence panel that is used to enhance in rankings.

Earlier Zuckerberg had only addressed the election in a Facebook post presenting a photograph of his daughter Max.

He noted at that time that,

“We are all blessed to have the ability to make the world better, and we have the responsibility to do it.”

Though he didn’t elaborate on what that intended exactly for him and his company.

Adam Mosseri, VP of Product Management for NewsFeed noted that,

“We understand there’s so much more we need to do, and that is why it’s important that we keep improving our ability to detect misinformation.”

Regardless of all of the international concern about Trump’s win, Zuckerberg did take time to make it clear. That he doesn’t consider any single person can change the bow of technological revolution.

If you want to see Zuckerberg’s commentary about the role of News Feed in the election click here.

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