8 Best Free Android HD Movie Apps For Hassle Free Stream

The digital age has made us to use apps for almost everything, movie streaming and Mobile download apps are just a few clicks away. Below you’ll find legal watching of your favorite films and TV shows on Android. We have found free android HD movie apps which allow free films to be downloaded or streamed.  

We have listed the most popular apps available to download or watch your favorite movies. That being said, for ages you don’t have to check for your favorite movie, or go to pirated websites to find what you’re looking for. 

Now, you can watch free HD movies on your phone, laptop, screen and television. Which means there are a metric ton of film applications that do all sorts of different things. 

Best Free Android HD Movie Apps



HD movie apps

Popcornflix is a free movie app offering great movie selection. The app shows you a wall of free movies, sorted by categories, with the new arrivals shown on top right.  

Popcornflix also includes exclusive content, called Originals by Popcornflix. The films are of good quality, and work well with streaming. The movie player can be intimidating but is smooth and feature rich. You can easily dwnload this app on your android, iOS, Xbox, Playstation devices.  

 Movie HD 


free Android HD movie Apps

You get access to a wide variety of content with the Movie HD Android streaming app, which can be sorted by genre, popularity, ranking, and other media aspects that you are browsing. One good thing about the Android streaming app for Movie HD is that it also shows 3D films. You can save and save media to favorites via the Movie HD program, and even stream it to your TV via Mira cast or chrome cast. 




Viewstar is an anime-oriented video service, but it offers a large selection of other film genres, as well as documentaries. It has a clean and seamless datbase, and thankfully doesn’t need any sign in. Sometimes it gets a bit distracting due to advertising and poor quality streaming but hopefully it will change in the future. 

Sony Crackle 


android HD Movie apps

Sony Pictures is a big name in the movie industry and Sony Crackle lives up to his reputation when it comes to watching free movies online. Sony Crackle has one of the best free film collections out there, with a mixture of old classics and new hit films. 

The player to the movie works smoothly and is easy to use. The free movies are ad-supported, so you need to watch a couple of commercials. But the ads aren’t too distracting and seem like a reasonable price to pay for the content that Sony Crackle offers. Also Crackle lets you watch free online TV shows. 



Hoopla movie app

Hoopla’s one of best android movie apps. It is directly tied to your local library. You can use credentials from your library card to watch movies, TV shows, books, music and comics. The entire service is free and as many media as you want can be checked out. That makes it great on a budget for film-watchers. The software also includes support for Chromecast, Android TV access, and specific comic viewing features. 

 Snag Films 


HD movie apps

Most mobile devices, as well as some videogame consoles and other platforms, have the SnagFilms Movie app. The SnagFilms film app is also available for Android, of course, and allows you to share film suggestions on social media in addition to offering you the ability to stream movies through it. The films are grouped by categories and the most popular ones, recently added and other sections can be seen as well. 



movie applications

The MegaBox HD Android app lets you stream and download HD movies and TV shows to your Android device, one of the applications that let you stream movies on Ios. It has easy navigation, a large variety of films in various categories, and supports several choices. Many movies, including Popcorn Time, are available in HD resolution and provide subtitles for people from different countries. 



android Applications

Tubi is one of a few legal streaming services for 100 per cent movies. It uses ads to drive revenue rather than a subscription model and therefore it is great on a budget for movie watchers. This funds TV shows, as well as films. It adds new material each week, in addition. The app also comes with a favorite feature, a watch list queue, and other keystones in streaming service. 


The above listed free android movie apps are so far are the best option for you to watch movies free of charge. Are you still looking for a way to get Android free movie downloads? You know what, the ultimate source for downloading movies on Android is Google. Most of them are based on television shows because they’re a little more binge-friendly. Nevertheless, there is also a good selection of movie content for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, VRV, and others. For regular visitors, several bigger theater companies have their apps. Most of these applications come with the same features. You can check film times, watch trailers, buy tickets, can redeem 

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