Apple defends its 30% cut on in-app purchases

Apple published a report on Wednesday defending its commission rates, claiming their prices are like most other marketplaces for app stores or video game. Apple’s App Store has a commission rate of 30 percent for paid applications and in-app purchases, according to recent research. The Research Group found that the penetration of 30% is the same or close to 38 digital markets, such as the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore.

Marketplaces for video games like Xbox , PlayStation and Nintendo also charge a certain regular commission rate of 30 percent.

The economic experts who led the study found that since before the App Store even existed, the 30 per cent commission rate figure was the industry norm. The researchers looked at older Nokia and Blackberry app stores and found that they both had a penetration of 30 percent.

The second latest Apple report on its App Store. The company published a report last month also conducted by Analysis Group that offered a more in-depth insight at how consumers invest their cash on the App Store. The firm reported that developers have received more than $155 billion from apps and in-app purchases since the App Store was released in 2008, with a quarter of that amount generated in 2019.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier that Apple is focused to doing much more to help and grow the global App Store ecosystem from one-developer stores in almost every country to companies employing thousands of employees as it aims to promote innovation, build employment and fuel potential economic growth

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