COVID 19: Govt to spend $200M on education action plan

Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mohammed Jehanzeb Khan chaired a meeting to discuss National Education Action Plan for COVID-19.  

Federal and Provincial secretaries’ education participated and senior officials from Planning Ministry participated in the meeting through video conference. 

While chairing a meeting Mohammad Jehanzeb said that Federal Government has taken the lead on the concept of blended education and therefore consulted all provincial government education departments, Planning and Development divisions for their feedback on the initiative.  

He said that federal government is willing to contribute approximately 200 million US Dollar as a counterpart to National Education Action Plan Program. The contributing provinces will get the funding as a grant and will not be liable for the loan repayment. He advised the provincial planning departments, provincial literacy and education departments, and finance to coordinate for laying out a comprehensive provincial response.  

Deputy Chairman Planning Commission further emphasized that due consideration has to be given to the exceptional circumstances and unprecedented crisis owing to COVID-19 situation. The donor support for Education Emergency at the national level has been harnessed.  

All provincial governments endorsed the emergency education plan. The DCPC directed Ministry of Education to have consultative sessions with provincial governments and incorporate their feedback 


Nayab Khan

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