Facebook wants to Buy Drone Maker to spread Internet Access

Facebook wants to Buy Drone Maker to spread Internet Access

Facebook is set to purchase a drone manufacturer to expand its Internet.org initiative. The social media network could spend $60 million on Titan Aerospace, a company that makes solar-powered flying robots that can float in the sky for up to five years.

[blockquote cite=””] The drones would give Facebook the ability to give wireless Internet access to underdeveloped countries around the world — a goal it’s been working towards through an initiative by Internet.org.

To help jumpstart Facebook’s ambitious plan in connecting parts of the world that lack internet connectivity, the company wants to shoot 11,000 drones up into the African sky.

Titan Aerospace manufactures the Solara 60, a lightweight drone that shoots 12.5 miles into the sky and siphons the sun’s rays for energy. But the part that Facebook is most impressed with is that the gizmos can be equipped with high-tech communication software that can beam the internet to the land below.

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