Realme – Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand of 2019 in Pakistan

PhoneWorld Awards Realme Pakistan for Being the Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand in Pakistan!

The budget and the mid-range segment of the Pakistani smartphone market is highly saturated as of December 2019. Although, the vast majority of the smartphone consumers are of the budget segment, due to the strong, what we call “healthy competition”, smartphone brands need to bring in something different and offer more for less to succeed.

That is exactly what Realme brought into Pakistan, “Offer More For Less” / “Good Value for Money”

Realme – Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand of 2019

A Brief Timeline

Realme Pakistan Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand 2019

They launched their first series of smartphones, the “Realme 2 Pro” and the “Realme C1” on 2nd of January 2019. Later of 15th of April 2019, they launched the “Realme 3” which grabbed the attention of smartphone consumers as well as reviewers due to the value that is offered for the price. Since then Realme Pakistan has seen a quite good response, gained trust and publicity as time went by.

Recently after the launch of the Realme 5, Realme 5 Pro and the Latest Realme 5S, they sold 100s of thousands of devices in months and grabbed a respectable market share in the final quarter of 2019. They also launched a Mid-Ranger with exceptional camera performance, the Realme XT.

The Realme 5 Pro has already received an award from us in the PhoneWorld Awards 2019.

Here are the Video Reviews of Realme smartphones launched in Pakistan on our Youtube Channel.

Realme 5S – The Latest Realme in Pakistan

Realme 5 Pro – The Award Winner Mid-Ranger

Realme XT – All About Photography


We at PhoneWorld love to see competition in each segment of the smartphone market, because, strong competition is always great for the end consumers. They get to choose among a variety of brands, designs and set of specs based on their usage and they get great value for what they pay for as well.

What are your thoughts on Realme? Have you used any? If yes, have you made the right choice or do you think otherwise? Let us know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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