Foldable iPhone Features Reveal that it is More like an iPad

Foldable phones are everywhere in the air. While Samsung and Huawei are gearing up for their upcoming foldable devices, iPhone remained quiet for a long time till now. Finally, Apple is joining the race of Foldable phone, and today we have come across some leaks regarding the device. We have come across foldable iPhone Features from a famous leakster.

Foldable iPhone Features you Might be Interested in

The leaks have come from @komiya_kj, who revealed that the foldable iPhone would like a bendable iPad and run on iPad OS. However, as it will support phone calls, so it will be a kind of mobile device.

The leakster also revealed that the device would come with an under panel selfie camera and touch ID. These days, new Android devices sport an in-display fingerprint reader; however, Samsung is still providing physical ones, maybe because their displays are not reliable to support the embedded scanner. But it doesn’t mean Samsung is not changing its ideas; just recently, the company has collaborated with Corning to make its upcoming foldable phone more flexible. On the other hand, Apple will use Gorilla Glass Tech.

According to previous rumors, the Foldable iPhone will be more like Surface Duo, which will have two screens joined by a hinge. A patent was also issued by the company, which showcased a hinge mechanism to prevent display creasing. If today’s leak is accurate., it totally negates this rumor. Maybe that design didn’t work well for the company.

Apple foldable device will feature MicroLED display technology, which is better than OLED displays. It has a higher dynamic range, increase brightness, wider color gamut, and lower power consumption. The leakster has also commented on Apple Glass and VR handsets; however, he didn’t go into detail.

Since the company has not launched anything officially so we cannot comment whether all these features will be included in the actual device when launched.

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