Get Ready to Dive in the World of Google Stadia Game- That’s the Future

Finally, Google has unveiled the specifics of its long-rumored gaming initiatives at the Game Developers Conference. Google is going to make the entry so easy in gaming and now you will be able to play any game on any device. Google Stadia is a full cross-platform game streaming service that doesn’t require special hardware.

From Android phones to Chromecast devices, Google Stadia can stream games on everything. So the devices you are already owning can stream games with Stadia, that is great for multiplayer. Google mentioned it clearly that you don’t need specialized hardware. However, it is still not so clear how Stadia will work, how much it might cost. Well, maybe it will operate as a Netflix-style subscription service for consumers or use a different business model. It is to to be expected that it will come out later this year.

Get Ready to Dive in the World of Google Stadia Game- That’s the Future

The whole idea looks great. Google Stadia would form a bridge between players, streamers, and game creators. A player who plays a game trailer on YouTube will be able to click a “Play Now” button and instantly start streaming the game through Chrome.

Google also revealed about Stadia Controller. Stadia can be played with Stadia Controller. It is a wireless, Wi-Fi capable controller. The Capture button in Stadia Controller will be able to share gaming footage to Youtube, and the Google Assistant button will allow players to access help and tips directly through the controller.

Get Ready to Dive in the World of Google Stadia Game- That's the Future

When the Google Stadia Game Will be Available in Pakistan?

This is not so clear that when this game will hit the market of Pakistan after its launch globally. However, we are waiting anxiously for the release of this game and want to enjoy this game in our country as soon as possible.

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