These Google Assistant New Features Will Roll Out Soon To Pixel Phones

There is no doubt that Google Assistant is very active and smart. It has made our lives easier by understanding different languages such as  English, German, French etc. Recently, we came to know that Google has decided to add some new features to Google Assistant on Pixel phones. The good news is that Google Assistant new features will roll out for both the new and old pixel phones very soon.

Google Assistant new features Include Call Screening, Reservation Booking & Its Access Through Lock screen

It is expected that the Google Assistant will soon get very interesting new features for all the Pixel Phones whether they are new or old. In addition to the call screening, reservation Duplex Booking, access through the locked screen, another interesting new feature is the snapshot.

  • Snapshot

It is an interesting new feature that has the ability to show the “snapshot” of your day. Whenever you will activate Google Assistant, you can swipe up on the display to see things like event recommendations, recent notes, lists, reminders, and so on.

  • Call Screening

This feature stole the show on Google hardware event when it was demoed on a Pixel 3. However, this feature will also roll out to the first and second-generation Pixel Phones in November. This feature will allow the Google Assistant to answer a call for you, find out who’s on the line, and show you a written transcript of the whole conversation on your screen. Furthermore, it will allow you to hang up in the case of a spam or nuisance caller.

  • Reservation Booking(Duplex)

This feature will let you do things like booking a table in a restaurant over the phone. The sad part of the news is that all the three generations of Pixel phones residing in only New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and the San Francisco Bay Area will be getting Duplex booking capabilities in November.

  • Activate Assistant Through Lockscreen

Google Assistant is getting much better day by day. Soon the users can access Google Assistant straight from their lock screen.

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