Google Play Waved Good Bye to 29 Malicious Apps having 10 Mn Downloads

Google has removed 29 apps having malicious activities from Google Play Store. Collectively, these malicious Apps had more than 10 million downloads. This is not the first time Google has removed such apps, previously to make users safe, Google has removed various apps from its store, which were accused of harming devices or accumulating personal data from users.

GooglePlay  silently removed Malicious Apps from its Play Store

Among 29 malicious apps, an App named  ‘multiapp multiple accounts simultaneously’ had more than 5 million installs. Among total apps that are removed, 24 apps are from ‘HiddAd’ category. The apps from HidAd category hides the icon when they initially launch and create a shortcut on the home screen of the phone. In this way, these apps stop users from uninstalling it by dragging it to the bin.

While telling about this, Google said in a statement:

“The remaining five apps are of ‘Adware’ category and would generally get into your Android phones through advertisements. Users see many advertisements every time they visit social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc., which promote different mobile applications. Many times, these promoted mobile applications boast about a lot of unbelievable functionalities like X-Ray scanning. We came across a few advertisements of some interesting Android apps which claim to offer the functionality of X-Ray scanning. When we explored the App further, we found out that two such apps have crossed 1 million+ downloads already,”

There is another category of Apps named Adware that have the capability of magnifying the view, but in actual they show advertisements on users’ mobile which results in draining a phone battery.

It is a very good initiative by Google, and it shows how much they are concerned about their users.

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