How Technology Matters to Men and Women?

In today’s world, if Adam told Ave that, “I have found an Apple”, Ave probably would have replied “I thought we were getting an Android”. Because in 21st century Apple is not just a fruit but a mobile company too. The transformation in technology and the changes it brought in our everyday life are remarkable. Some great changes have taken place over the last decades especially in technology front.

How Technology Matters to Men and Women?

There are so many options available in gadgets, applications, operating systems, OEMs and service providers etc. that now everyone can pick and use products/services according to their own choice and preference. This is the reason why a single object can have a completely different value for two people.

No doubt that the culture of technology is profoundly gendered. Men‘s monopoly in technology has become a key source of their power and identity. But let’s not get into that debate and see how both these genders have reacted to some of the modern technology.

The Internet:

In early days, internet was majorly dominated by men giving a very little space to the women. With the arrival of the 21st century the user population has been evenly divided between men and women. It is a measured fact that men are slightly more active internet users than women. But it was also observed that women are more active online communicators than men as they use email in a more robust way. Some 94% of online women and 88% of online men use email for communication.

Men pursue and consume information online more aggressively than woman. It would be safe to say that by any chance, if one could get hold of the “search histories” of both men and women, I am sure you would see glaring contrasts. According to the, “Pew research Centre”, men usually use the internet for activities ranging from getting sports information, weather news, political information, downloading software and even playing games online. Contrary to this, women usually surf the internet for getting information regarding personal health, religion, medical information and even getting information regarding maps and directions.

Mobile Phones:

In a high tech world, it is impossible to think of a life without a mobile phone. We actually can‘t! I mean what is the first thing you check for when you leave the house? Obviously apart from the essentials you make sure you have your cell phone with you.

The cellular devices have become an essential part of our lives and why wouldn’t it be? Apart from making and receiving calls which is its main use, it can be utilized in so many different ways. Even here men and women have different preferences when it comes to choosing a mobile phone. Men are considered to be more tech savvy when it comes to buying a phone. They look at the ‚specs‘ and features of mobile phones. While women are influenced more by the aesthetics of a mobile focusing on its color and design.

Mobile Applications:

Similarly the Apps that get installed on these mobile phones serve different purposes. Putting this into perspective one can easily differentiate between the apps which are favored by women and the ones which are used by men mostly. Then there are also those apps whose usage is equally balanced. I am talking about the social media apps here. Where the differences in usage lye, is that women are more inclined towards downloading beauty apps, picture editors, grocery list apps, shopping apps and Yoga apps to name a few. In the case of men the tilt is towards downloading fitness apps, dating, sports apps, games and news apps.


Technology matters to both the gender but in a different way. What we need to understand is the matter of choice and try to promote gender-specific technology.

Men and women have different needs and expectations therefore, it is better to create the technology according to their needs. It’s time to shun away the myth that Technology is of masculine gender.

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