How Technology Transformed the Dimensions of Sports

Sports technology has developed in a significant way in the recent decades. A substantial amount of technology is becoming portable and wireless, which is helpful for the coaches, trainers and the sport researchers, is now often made accessible in real time. This has supported the transition of technology from laboratory settings to practice fields, courts, and in some cases in official sport competitions.

The use of technology in sports has improved tremendously in performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury restoration and health maintenance of athletes. The use of sophisticated high-speed and high-definition cameras in conjunction with the growth of bio mechanical software has enabled teams to see in depth the motions of athletes. This detailed view may assist coaches to better understand a hockey athlete’s kinetic link (chain of muscular, joints and body events).

Here are some major transformations took place in the sports with the help improved technology.

Digital and Social Media

Due to technological changes, sports coverage is wider than ever before. Previously spectators had to choose between to capture the game on a few channels— now there are plenty of choices. Media channels broadcasting sporting events can now use technology to share data faster than ever before. News and updates are send quickly to smart phones the moment the news occurs.

Buying of tickets

This part of any sport is crucial for any sports lover. Technology has now made it easy for the people to buy tickets through different online ticketing apps without facing any hassle at the counters.

Equipment and Experience

The way we are able to design apparel and machinery has been completely revolutionized by technology. Sporting equipment is now more high-tech and high-functioning, from shoes and uniforms to gloves, helmets, and pads. There’s also a very distinct experience going to a sporting event. Scoreboards are now high-definition, supporters have wireless internet access and recreational equipment such as

The boost in technology has given athletes a convenient way to raise and polish their skills. Teams now have the capacity to view and evaluate videos in action and learn how to enhance their game plan and technique. These techniques help athletes and coaches view the game’s plays and movements. You can use the same technology to evaluate the opposing team and their strategies.

Technology has made its impact in every corner of the society and every industry— from health care to government, education, company, and sports. the impact  that technology has had on sports is enormous. Many procedures are now simpler and faster, and the industry’s attention and revenue has increased as a result.

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