How to Check which Chat is Consuming Most of your WhatsApp Storage Space

When WhatsApp was launched, it facilitated people to communicate with each other for free. Being the free feature, everyone waved goodbye to mobile cards and shifted to this messaging feature. With time, WhatsApp introduced video calling, which further helped people to feel close to each other. No one could imagine that in just a few years WhatsApp will shift towards necessity from an entertainment application. Everything was going smooth, until WhatsApp Introduced group features where many people can join and share pictures and videos. Being a part of too many groups, initially, everything was fine but with time people start realizing that some of the groups are consuming too much WhatsApp storage space. However being added in too many groups, one cannot analyze which chat is using the most of WhatsApp Storage space.

Is your WhatsApp Storage Space Draining? Try these steps to know why

Don’t worry there is a solution to every problem, you can just leave the particular group that is consuming too much space. But for that, you need to know which chat is taking away your space.

WhatsApp Storage Space on iPhone:

So follow these steps in order to track which one of your WhatsApp chats takes up most of your storage space on your iPhone:

– Open WhatsApp and tap on the Settings options on the bottom of the app.
– Next, tap on Data and Storage Usage options.
– Now tap on the Storage Usage option.

WhatsApp Storage Space on Android:

If you have an Android phone, follow these simple steps:

– Open the app and tap on the three dots on the top right corner.
– Tap on Settings option and tap on Data and Storage Usage option.
– Next tap on Storage Usage option and you are done.

Now it’s the best time that you check such app which is using your device space and if it’s a group leave it. However, if it’s a random chat that is consuming most of the space, you can free up some space by deleting unwanted posts.

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