Instagram Can’t Solve Bullying on its Own: Adam Mosseri

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri has stated that “We can’t solve bullying on our own.” He suggested that online bullying needs to be tackled as part of a wider plan. We don’t want people to “get depressed” on the platform, but “we can’t stop people from saying nasty things”.

He also appreciated the criticism that Instagram gets. He thinks it is healthy as this can help in tackling the problems that are happening online.

Adam Mosseri also highlighted the recent comments of Selena Gomez how Instagram made her feel depressed. He also highlighted how the platform deals with content like self-harm and the criticism the app is receiving and how Instagram regulates itself.

Adam Mosseri says:

“Bullying has existed for a long time, it has changed and evolved with the internet, Like many other issues, bullying is broader than just Instagram and I think that sometimes gets missed.”

Earlier this year he also held meetings with government ministers in order to discuss safety and security on Instagram.

According to Adam, Instagram has also been criticized for images of self-harm that appear on the platform. Currently, Instagram is facing so many criticisms and due to that, the platform is under pressure now.

Instagram is now working to introduce new ways to block or report a bully without escalating the situation in real life.

Adam further claimed that if a dangerous post has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, it will be removed faster.

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