Instagram New Features will Combat Cyberbullying

With the growing fun on online platforms, cyberbullying is also growing and has reached that peak that it should be stopped. Keeping in view this, all the social media platforms like Facebook etc. are trying to incorporate different ways to curb fake news, bullying and other unwanted stuff on their apps. Now Instagram also has joint the race and has launched two new features that will help it fight to cyberbully.

Instagram New Features will save many people from cyberbullying

Below mentioned are the two new features by Instagram and now you should be extra careful while posting harmful and offensive comments:

Feature No 1:

Instagram is launching a new AI-powered feature that will notify people when they post an offensive comment. This person will not stop people from posting that particular comment, but at least it will warn them about the objectionable message.

Instagram tested this feature, and they realised that some of the people had erased their messages after Instagram alarmed them. As a result, they posted something that was less sarcastic.

Feature No 2:

It is the most useful feature named restrict. It will give you the ability to restrict comments of unwanted people on your profile. The feature is in testing phase so it will take some time to roll out.

However, when this feature is official, you will be able to restrict unwanted peoples comments on your posts. In this way, comments on your posts from that particular person will only be visible to that person and no one else. You will also have the ability to make the comments visible whenever you want.

Moreover, the people in your restricted list will not be able to see when you are online on Instagram.

The Bottom Line:

Both the features are appraisable and most wanted ones. You will be receiving the feature one shortly; however, feature 2 is in the testing phase and will be rolled out later on.

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