Instagram Stories Rolls Out Stickers

As all social media Apps are in rivalry with each other and trying to lead by introducing fascinating features almost every day. All of the apps work hard to offer the best features. This time Instagram just unveiled their new stickers feature, once again following the footsteps of Snapchat. The new feature will allow users to add stickers to their posts. That provide context about when and where an image was taken.

Though Instagram negated to comment on whether it plans to offer sponsored stickers as an income generator, artist-drawn location stickers, or a platform for submitting sticker designs.

Instagram Stories Rolls Out Stickers

A spokesperson just said that,

“We’re working on more creative tools that will launch over the coming months. To give our community more fun and versatile options.”

How to Use Instagram Stickers:

Users can use the Stickers by tapping the Smiley icon at the top of the Stories camera screen. Upon tapping the smiley a tray of available stickers appears.


You can search for location anywhere in Instagram’s Places database. And turn that store, landmark, neighborhood, or city into a Sticker.


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Not like Snapchat, which features artist-drawn geofilters that are only accessible while you’re nearby in their geofences, you’re open to add locations from anyplace around the world.


Together with location, the time, weather, and some of the seasonal stickers can be tapped to change their design. Seasonal stickers such as the Christmas tree can be tapped to swap the customary trees.

Instagram is also introducing Story saving for downloading your last 24-hours of updates in the audience viewer, similar to Snapchat. It has also added unlimited text boxes for Stories rather than just one per image, and a one-touch hands-free video recording option to attract performers. The features have been rolled out for iOS and Android users.

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