KP Govt Introduces More Smart Initiatives in Schools

KP Govt Introduces More Smart Initiatives in Schools. KP Govt. has kept its trend of introducing latest technology. One such example is Touch Screens in Schools. The touch screens will be used instead of black or white boards. They will be used for science subjects.

KP Govt Introduces More Smart Initiatives in Schools

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The Govt of KP has introduced touch screens at schools in Peshawar. With the help of this technology students will be able to get a better understanding of things. Pictures and videos will make it easy to get a better know how of Science subjects and will get clear concepts about things. Computers will be used instead of books. This system will be implemented in other 500 schools as well. Such initiatives are important for the development of the country.

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It keeps on introducing news ways and techniques to improve the quality of education. The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is working hard on various projects by taking into account the significance of every segment of the society for overall development of the citizens.

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The aim of the government is to get a protected, just and flourishing society with the help of socio-economic and human resource progress, creation of equal chances, good governance, good education and ideal application of assets in a justifiable method.

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