LG Teased Its First Foldable Phone

LG foldable smartphone will enter the market soon.

LG will display off its new foldable gadget at IFA 2019. The latest LG smartphone will have a single but small front screen. However, it will have two screens inside. The latest renders show that LG’s amazing creation is the competitor of the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

More About LG Foldable Patent

The company showed some specs at the press conference. LetsGoDigital has revealed that it is accompanied by a stylus. This Dutch publication designed the renders based on schematics that won in April 2019. Korean patent office registered this patent. It shows the gadget that has the ability to fold twice. The mechanism is similar to the prototype that Xiaomi launched back in January.

LG Foldable
PC: LetsGoDigital

The design displays a stylus that can be placed in either of the two hinges. When the screen is unfolded, the smartphone turns into a tablet with a 16:10 ratio. It will have a broader handle that shelters a triple camera with thin bezels on three sides. If the smartphone is placed in a folded position, it will be similar to an ordinary smartphone. It will have thin bezels at the top and bottom. According to the patent’s description, that device looks very thin, however, in reality, it would be quite different.

However, there is no detail when LG will release this smartphone in the market. The company is also trying some different screen ideas like a wild-role-up model. The leaked pictures show that this design is having an easy implementation. However, it is critical at this point. This time, LG has produced sheeny foldable products. This patent has not to be suffered from a lack of refinement in terms of technology and design.

LG is not rushing to launch its foldable. At the beginning of 2019, LG will not compete with Samsung or Huawei. But that does not mean that LG with stop working on foldable smartphones. Let’s wait until the official announcement.


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