Major Features in Vivo V20 to Ace your Low Light Photography

Photography is the art of painting with light. And if art is about lighting, how do we create art when we don’t have favourable lighting at our disposal? This is where low-light photography steps in.

Photographers and videographers have always challenged themselves to go beyond the boundaries, and due to a gradual evolution in camera set ups, low light photography does not remain a hurdle anymore.

Exceed the Creative Prowess with the New-Age Smartphone

To our respite, smartphone innovators have made it feasible to shoot breathtaking shots at night through smartphones. One does not need an elaborate DSLR set up to perform night photography. Built-in with special modes for night photography, smartphones are erasing the need for an elaborate camera set up, one click at a time.

Shoot like a pro with Vivo V20

Be it a birthday party shot in candle-lit lighting or low lighting in a club, vivo has taken all factors into account and rendered us an awesome device, the brand new Vivo V20.

With every smartphone, vivo raises the bar of smartphone photography higher and higher and such is the case with vivo V20 as well. Coming with superb features to inspire the photographer in you, vivo has a dedicated set of features especially tailored to suit night photography.

Bid adieu to all your night photography woes as vivo V20 strikes the market with the following features:

  1. 44MP Eye Autofocus camera: Perhaps the worst thing about night photography is the lack of focus in the frame. What if we tell you that there is a way that you can ‘be the focus always’ no matter how shaky the frame is? You heard it right! With the staggering 44MP Eye Autofocus camera, you will never lose the focus of the frame. The Autofocus feature, present in both rear and front camera, drags the focus back to the main subject of the frame even after repeated shaking.

Picture1 v20

Fig: ‘Be in focus’ with the super sharp Eye Autofocus

Paired with a 44MP lens in the front and a 64MP lens in the rear camera, the set up provides an Ultra HD shot with every snap.Now, never lose sight of the subject with the Autofocus feature.

  1. Super night selfie: A selfie mode especially curated for night photography? We are not kidding! vivo being a youth-centric brand, pays attention to even the smallest details and needs of the youth and takes cognizance of how much we dig the aesthetics of a superb-night selfie. This special mode makes use of noise cancellation algorithm and multiple exposures to capture more details of your face. Defy the darkness of the frame, as this mode automatically adjusts to the ambient light and enhances your natural skin tone.

Fig: Super Night selfie for all your night glam shots

  1. Super night mode: vivo V20 lets you reimagine the night with innovative super night mode in the 64MP night camera in the rear.This mode brilliantly adds broader perspectives to all your frames capturing more area, while specialized filters conjure up hidden shades from the darkness.

Fig: Before and After Super Night Mode for all your night shots

  1. Motion Autofocus: Having trouble the camera steady with a running pet in the frame or a shaky frame in general? With the Motion Autofocus, you can readjust the focus just by double tapping on the screen. The motion detection switches between different exposures and produces clearer images and videos throughout. With the help of continuous focus tracking, you can always keep moving objects in focus for better effects.
  2. Tripod Night Mode: Tripod Night Mode increases stability and exposure to make the night look flawless.

Fig: Without and with Tripod Night Mode for all your night shots

Inspire Your Inner Shutterbug

Through Vivo V20, vivo has surmounted the main woes to shooting in low light: Low Image quality and Autofocus performance. Now you can successfully capture gram-worthy aesthetic shots by using the myriad of features in the Vivo V20’s extensive camera set up and get your inner shutterbug to work!

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