Mark Responds to Trump’s Claim that Facebook is Against Him

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has finally issued a public response on his official profile to a tweet from the President Trump on Wednesday claiming that  the social network “was always anti-Trump” during 2016 presidential campaign. Mark Responds to Trump’s Claim that Facebook is Against Him.

In respond to Trump’s claim, Zuckerberg wrote that:

“Every day I work to bring people together and build a community for everyone. We hope to give all people a voice and create a platform for all ideas. Trump says Facebook is against him. Liberals say we helped Trump. Both sides are upset about ideas and content they don’t like. That’s what running a platform for all ideas looks like.”

Mark additionally added to this statement that Facebook has played a fundamental role in 2016 election. He highlighted Facebook efforts in this regard as:

  • Unlike other elections, more people participated in this 2016 elections. Many discussions took place on various platforms/Facebook pages; which itself indicates the benefits of Facebook in those elections.
  • First time in the history, internet was used for political communication between party members. Additionally, the political candidates communicated with their billions of public via internet.
  • The campaigns spent hundreds of millions on online advertising to spread their messages. That’s 1000x more than any problematic ads we have found.
  • We ran “get out the vote” efforts that helped as many as 2 million people register to vote. To put that in perspective, that’s bigger than the get out the vote efforts of the Trump and Clinton campaigns put together. That’s a big deal.

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At the end, Mark announced that he and his team will continue to work to build a community for all people. We’ll keep working to ensure the integrity of free and fair elections around the world, and to ensure our community is a platform for all ideas and force for good in democracy.

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