Microsoft Edge on Android gets Adblock Plus Integration Block Annoying Ads

Microsoft Edge is the most popular browser on Android. Yesterday its Beta version received the most awaited update that brings the support of native ad blocking.

Adblock is usually available as extensions of other browsers or it is built in directly to the browser. When you go to Settings, you will see the new “Block Content” submenu that lets you either turn Adblock Plus on or off.

Beta version of Microsoft Edge natively blocks those annoying ads

When Adblock is enabled, it will block banners, tracking, pop-ups and obstructive ads. Adblock plus was a much-needed thing but it received criticism over its decision to whitelist ads as a part of acceptable ads project.

AdBlock Plus parent company Eyeo also launched a marketplace that allows blogs and website operators to pick “acceptable” ads to place on their pages.

The users using Adblock Plus will see acceptable ads option instead of seeing regular ads.

As questionable as Adblock Plus is, the continuous service boasts over 100 million instalments at the time of 2016. It absolutely was not surprising the reason why Microsoft made a decision to integrate Adblock Plus natively into its Edge web browser on Android, though we do not know if there was clearly some kind of price between Microsoft and Eyeo.

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