Now Watch Videos & Browse YouTube at the Same Time- Here's How

Better late than never! Finally, YouTube has launched a new Miniplayer feature on the site that allows you to Watch Videos & Browse YouTube while you are browsing other section of the website. While watching the other section, the video you are watching will be seen in a smaller window.

Watch Videos & Browse YouTube at the Same time on Web

People using YouTube mobile app will be will be familiar with the mini player. After a long time, the Mini Player is available on the desktop version of YouTube for the very first time.

Previously it was quite frustrating when people had to quit your video in order to browse other clips on the web version of YouTube. Now keep the video open in the small window placed on the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Watch Videos and Browse YouTube at the same time

In order to avail this feature, activate the Mini Player.

  • To activate YouTube Mini Player, First, open a YouTube video as before.
  • Now hover the cursor over the video so that YouTube’s menu bar appears right beside the bottom of the clip.
  • At the extreme right corner of the video, there will be five icons.
  • Now hover the cursor on the middle icon which seems like a box inside a box.
  • It will say activate Mini Player. Now click it and your video will be dragged down to the bottom right of your screen.

When you get to the end of the clip, it’ll start playing the next recommended video that would normally appear in the ‘Up Next’ panel on the right.
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