Now You Can View Multiple Tabs At Once With Google Chrome Sneak Peek Feature

Google Chrome has been recently updated with a new feature that has taken multitasking to next level. Chrome for mobile users has now a new Sneak peek feature. Google Chrome Sneak Peek Feature allows you to open links within a website.

Google Chrome Sneak Peek Feature Let’s You View Multiple Tabs At The Same Time

According to the latest reports, Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev have received the Sneak Peek functionality. Due to this feature, the link is loaded which initially covers a quarter of the page. However, you can increase the layout size and browse it completely without navigating away from the main link in the Chrome browser. With this update, now whenever you will tap and hold a link, you will either have the option of opening it in a new tab or in incognito mode. So, it will let you view multiple tabs at the same time without any hitch. However, you cannot extend the layout into a whole new tab itself right now. It is expected that Google will consider adding that option sometimes in the future.

Now You Can View Multiple Tabs At Once With Google Chrome Sneak Peek Feature

In addition to that, a few weeks back, a new commit code has been discovered that hints at a dedicated Close All Tab Button. However, we are still not sure that when will this new update roll out. This new close all tab button will be similar to trash can icon. It will provide a simpler and easier way for all the Chrome users to close all the tabs at once. However, Closing all tabs at once is currently available in Google Chrome but that is only accessible from the overflow menu in Tab view. Now, the latest update will bring a dedicated button for closing tabs that will make the interface more user-friendly.

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