One Plus 7 Will be Launched with 5G Technology

One Plus is planning to announce its two upcoming major smartphones, One Plus 7 and one Plus 7T. These two smartphones are coming with 5G technology. BT CEO Gavin Patterson said that they will launch 5G services officially in 2019, but how many devices will be able to take advantage of 5G. The 5G technology will be the major part of One Plus 7 specs and features.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told that the company is launching first 5G smartphone very soon and they will reveal it in coming days. As 5G technologies are coming in 2019 and one plus 7 is also releasing next year so we can easily expect that it will be One Plus 7 or One Plus 7T.

5G Technology – One Plus 7 specs and features

These two smartphones, one plus, and one plus 7T will be available through US carrier and one plus 7 will be sold as standalone units in America. So, users will buy the phone directly from the company and it will cost them some more money.

We expect that One Plus devices will be launched officially in other regions also because one plus is getting a very positive response from the users.

Huawei is also set to launch First 5G Smartphone for Q3 2019 and they made this statement at global analyst summit in Shenzhen. The first Huawei 5G smartphone will launch after the arrival of a first 5G-capable Wi-Fi hotspot, these both will run on Huawei modems. Huawei is launching Mate 20 now and we can hope that in Q3 2019, a 5G smartphone will be Mate 30. The first Huawei 5G smartphone is coming very soon.

Now, let’s see who wins the race? Huawei or One Plus.

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