Pakistan Government Website Hacked, Hackers Posted Indian National Anthem

The Pakistan Government official website was hacked on Thursday for a short period of time. Hackers who hacked Pakistan Government website posted an Indian national Anthem. Pakistan Government Website Hacked, Hackers Posted Indian National Anthem.

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They posted Independence day greetings on the web page which was according to the Indian flag theme. At around 1500 hours IST, displayed a message showing “Hacked by Neo-h4ck3r”.

Pakistan Government Website Hacked, Hackers Posted Indian National Anthem

The hackers posted Ashoka Chakra in Tricolour, along with Indian Independence Day message. The greetings’ headline read “15 August, Happy Independence Day”.

The message posted thereafter read:

“Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words…Pride in our Souls…Let’s salute those great men, who made this possible”.

The message was followed by the Indian national anthem “Jana gana Mana…”.

This is the second time that Pakistan Government website is hacked. While the website was non-functional for a while, the original content of the website was shortly restored.

Just 2 days back the official website of “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” (PTI) got hacked by a hacker group who call themselves as “Voice of Pakistan” and claimed to operate as “Death Aadders Crew”. However is restored now.

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