PM imran khan approves first drone policy in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan approves first ever drone policy in Pakistan to formulate this technology in different fields. The decision was taken after a briefing by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on use of drones and particularly to intervene technology to boost performance.

The Minister stated that drones can be used to use not only in agriculture, urban development, but also in defence, law and order. He has forwarded instructions to set up a task force to create a legislative and regulatory proposal on drone technologies and to apply an action plan within one month.

Drone technology is very valuable for agriculture, urban planning, defence and law and order”, said PM Imran and gave instructions to set up a commission to set up a statutory and regulatory body in this regard.

The meeting directed all stakeholders to give their feedback on the policy within two weeks so that the draft gets approved for further implementation. The Aviation Secretary gave a presentation on the proposal and explained that it seeks to categorize various types of drones and to assess the eligibility of their pilots.

Earlier in July, when locust swarms attacked agricultural fields across the country that threatened food security, Pakistan established drone policy to spray insecticides and pesticides on fields.

Nayab Khan

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