Screen Guard & Recent Notification | APP of the day | 7th April, 2017

Screen Guard & Recent Notification | APP of the day

This program is based on smartphone app review, where we’ll discuss apps and their amazing features.

Today we are going to review – Screen Guard

A great privacy screen app to and hide/guard your phone screen from prying eyes.

Do you value your privacy? You should, especially in this day and age.

With this app you can hide your screen from people around you on the bus or outside, it works well for when you’re reading emails, writing an SMS message or even just using your browser – pretty much any situation that requires privacy. There’s a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from in the menu as well. In addition to being a privacy screen, you can also use Screen Guard as a blue light filter by turning the pattern function off and just using the color and transparency functions.

Today we are going to review – Recent Notification

Have you ever missed an important notification shown in your device status bar?
No worries! Recent Notification can safely store them for you. Relax and read them when you find time.
Find out which applications are spamming annoying notifications and uninstall them.


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