Signal app is safe and collects no data of users

Current signal users could get more alerts than average. ‘Jack is on Signal,’ Miriam is on Signal,’ such pings indicates that phone contacts have joined the encrypted messaging app ‘Signal‘.

These notifications highlight the fact that there has been a flood of new users. Known for its end-to-end encryption and its autonomous nature as a non-profit entity run by a trust.

Signal is much like Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger app. You’ve got to learn a lot about the app these days. Lately, Whatsapp users expressed annoyance over the newly updated privacy policy. Earlier last week, WhatsApp confirmed that it has revised its privacy policy, that included relevant information of users’ data and shares with the parent company Facebook.

Signal is a free software for iOS and Android smartphones and on the desktop for privacy-focused texting and voice chat. What you need is to join with your phone number like Whatsapp. With mates, you can text or make voice or video calls. The company says that this app is a safe and convenient communications tool to use, unlike WhatsApp..

The app had seen a spike in users when people interested in anti-racist demonstrations surrounding the killing of George Floyd. It showed that how closely they were watched by law enforcement agencies and demanded businesses to hand over user details.


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