Smartphone Brands in Pakistan and their Dominancy! All you need to Know

Smartphones have become a part of our lives where not a single day passes without using the mobile phone. Smartphones have connected people not from the same country but from all around the world. Advanced technology helps the world in so many ways that we sometimes get stunned by seeing the latest electronic gadgets like our smartphones.

There was a time when people used to wait for so long to receive a single letter or telephone call from their beloved ones living abroad, and now the smartphone brands have made this gadget so small and portable that it carries the whole world inside it. You can not only talk but can see your loved ones sitting abroad through a video call.

Numerous Pakistanis of every class, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, are using smartphones in Pakistan or are learning to use it. These are available in the different price range where you can get a smartphone at cheap rates with all features but with a mediocre level of quality features. In contrast, the latest tech smartphone is offered at exorbitant prices.

It also depends on the brands as the chain of continuous development in smartphones and new models launching in a wide range by brands has grabbed everyone’s attention to use the latest tech.

Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

Several smartphone brands are playing a dominant role in the mobile phone industry of Pakistan. This electronic gadget, which is easy to use, has a high consumer market in Pakistan. The latest models, as well as the used phones all, are available in the mobile malls and markets, which are PTA registered phones.

The smartphones of different brands are available in Pakistan, which is as follows:

  • Apple (iPhone)
  • Samsung
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Tecno
  • Infinix
  • Xiaomi

And some other brands are also selling their phones in Pakistan. However, a huge population is still not using the smartphone but has the feature phones introduced decades ago named as dumbphones.

How are these Smartphone Brands dominating?

The smartphone brands are dominating by capturing a huge population towards their latest and innovative phones. The high-quality camera phones with quad, triple, dual and single cameras are offered with sharp and clear quality and high megapixels results. The performance of these smartphones has made their lives easy.

These brands are playing a vital role by manufacturing or selling the phone; perhaps the smartphone industry has increased the number of employments. In Pakistan, a huge number of mobile phone sellers and markets are available. People from supplying the smartphone parts to manufacturing, selling, and repairing are involved with great expertise.

Pakistan is a country where the intellectual and sharp minds are dominantly boosting IT and technology. People here are convinced to buy the latest and most advanced feature phone, which has a unique specification.

Class Representation defined by Brands

Brand image matters where the trust and loyalty of consumers with the brand stays for long. There are many smartphone brands with a dominant presence in the market as people worldwide eagerly wait to launch the new model.

An expensive brand like Apple has a substantial impact on your living-status. It is an exorbitant brand, and usually, the elite class affords it. However, other expensive android phones by Samsung and Huawei also have a separate elite class fan base.

Do you want to impress your friends and others on your new phone?

Here the brands play a strong role. The most expensive phones are sold by Apply, where the price is very high because of the unique specifications like the best quality camera, performance, and the brand name has its own class. Apple iPhone defined the class as the brand has set its market image to the top rank in Pakistan and worldwide.

Are you searching for the latest budget-friendly phone? 

Everyone wants the best results but in pocket-friendly investment. Smartphone brands have this issue by manufacturing mobile phones in different categories. The price range is diverse for almost every newly launched model. People can get their desired specifications like the look, camera, storage, durable battery option, and all in one mobile within their set budget.

Do you want to change your old phone and to think about buying a new one?

Smartphone sale in Pakistan is high. People who do not have any issues with mobile prices change phones within months or days. If you are thinking of changing your smartphone, then you must do your homework first. Yes! You heard it right. If you want to get satisfied with your smartphone choice, you must read the specification and go for the latest launched models with advanced features. All the details are available regarding each model of the phone online.

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Smartphones Available Online

The prominent factor of the dominancy of smartphone brands in Pakistan is also because of their online availability. You can order the latest or used smartphone through authentic online platforms.

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