Snapchat COVID-19 Myth Buster Game Provides Fun with Authentic Information

As the global health emergency continues, social media giants are trying to provide accurate information to people in a lighter mode to lessen thier anxiety. As Snapchat target teenagers or young people, the app has taken a totally different approach to tell people about the reliable facts about Coronavirus. For this, the company has launched a game format. The name of game is Snapchat COVID-19 myth buster.

This game can be accessed from the snap games list. The information this game has used is taken from World Heath Organization so the game is totally authentic.

Now kill your Anxiety with Snapchat COVID-19 Myth Buster Game

Once you start playing this game, you will be receiving question about coronavirus. You will either have to choose true or false and can also take a snap for saving your answer with yourself. As young people learn a lot from such games, it is the best initiative on snapchat’s part to kill the depression and at the same time provide authentic information to people. This game not only engages young people but also help them with getting over the myths.

Here is some of the examples how this game is played:

So this is one of the best game which provides accurate information about the virus. Play this game and share your scores with us.

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