SnapChat is Helping You to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

All the people across the globe are going into social isolation to curb the spreading of the coronavirus. And all the social media platforms are trying to keep the users engaged via social media platforms and helping them to stay home. Other than that, all these social platforms are also struggling to stop fake news and provide accurate information about the COVID-19 illness. At the same time Snapchat is rolling out a new search tool, called Here For You which is Helping You to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety.

SnapChat is Helping You to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

Basically, the aim of the Snapchat new tool is to provide relief to the users who are staying isolated from their friends and family and feeling anxious over the coronavirus pandemic.

The users will get to see the new Here For You tool whenever they do search for terms like anxiety and depression. In coming few days, all the Snapchat users across the globe will experience the Here For You section, as the company has started rolling out the tool.

Initially, the company introduced the tool as a safety resource for its users. Interestingly, this new tool is also covering some other topics such as stress, suicidal thoughts, bullying, and grief. Snapchat is working so actively to handle the anxiety of Covid-19 and asked its employee to work from home.

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