Snapchat Now Boasts Over 203 Million Users Worldwide

Recent viral trends have boosted the app's popularity allowing it to reach over 203 milllion users worldwide.

Recent findings reveal that Snapchat successfully beat all odds and is now up to 203 million users worldwide. These are officially the highest numbers the company has seen since its inception in 2011.

Latest trends boost the app to over 203 million users


Over the last quarter Snapchat has been eagerly looking for ways to rebuild their declining user base. They recently release an updated and optimized version of the app for Android users. This step was widely welcomed after years of complaints from users about lagging and poor quality. The decision served to be greatly beneficial; reports confirming that it encouraged users to send 7% more snaps than before. Evan Spiegel the CEO said,

“The popularity of these lenses drew millions of people into our rebuilt Android application, where they experienced the new and improved Snapchat that led to increased engagement,”

Furthermore, the app went viral after introducing a filter through which users could picture themselves as different genders. The trend quickly caught on with thousands of celebrities sharing their own pictures. Recently, the company revealed that these filters had actually encouraged over 7-9 million people to join the app. Over another 4-6 million users also joined due to the company’s other efforts.

What more have they done?


Spiegel also disclosed information about the app partnering with global telecommunication companies who manage over a billion people’s data costs. People in developing countries often face restrictions due to data packages and this move could help solve that problem. 2019 was also the year which saw the app launching in over eight different languages: Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, and Vietnamese. These languages are spoken by over 750 million people and can help expand Snapchat’s user base even further.

Moreover, Snapchat has also partnered with developers to introduce more engaging in app games for their users. They are also focusing their attention on producing more appealing content for their Discover page. A compilation of all these changes have allowed Snapchat to reach over 203 million users. It’ll be exciting to see what other features the company will develop in the coming days.

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